Ashtanga Yoga


An energetic style of yoga where you move through a specific sequence of poses, Ashtanga is intended to be a daily practice (Ashtanga yogis traditionally practise at the crack of dawn). The practice typically includes sun salutations and progresses through a series of standing and seated postures. One of the most well-known styles of yoga in the world today, Ashtanga is based on ancient teachings and was popularised in the West by Pattabhi Jois in the 1970s.

Creative Vinyasa Yoga


A blend of styles using both contemporary and traditional poses within a flowing sequence. Classes tend to be creatively themed, making yoga philosophy feel relevant and useful within a hectic world. Energetic aspects of yoga are often woven in and the possibilities of creativity are endless. Expect to be physically invigorated yet emotionally calmed, with no two classes ever the same!

Gentle Yoga


Derived from a variety of yoga styles, Gentle yoga can be more intense than Restorative or Yin yoga, yet less intense than Hatha. An inclusive class aimed to provide a safe space for people to challenge themselves within their own limits, Gentle yoga encourages movement in a comfortable manner. The practice helps to reduce stress and calm the mind whilst working to strengthen the body.

Hatha Yoga


Hatha yoga focusses on the fundamentals of yoga – the postures. Our instructors emphasise pose precision, particularly in getting into and out of each pose safely. If you are just getting into yoga, Hatha is a great moderate-paced style to start with. Even if you have been practising for a bit, you will find Hatha can help refine your alignment and posture in your poses.

Hatha Flow Yoga


This style blends the creativity and sequencing of Vinyasa, with the alignment and precision of Hatha. Hatha Flow includes periods of movement and periods of stillness – we move slowly and with intention, with a strong focus on transitions between postures and the breath. Postures are mostly held for longer than in a Vinyasa class, with a focus on correct alignment and how each posture should feel in your body.

Power Yoga


Step up your practice with Power yoga, a high intensity yoga style inspired by Vinyasa yoga. A full body fitness-based practice, inversions and arm balances are sometimes included in this class. Power yoga increases stamina, strength and flexibility as you move through a series of intense flowing yoga poses. Ideal for those who have practised yoga before although all levels are welcome as our instructor will adapt the class to suit.

Pregnancy Yoga


Yoga is a great way to stay active throughout pregnancy, even if you have never done it before. Practising yoga whilst pregnant can help alleviate aches and pains, strengthen the body and calm the mind as you prepare to birth your baby. Breathing and relaxation techniques used in Pregnancy yoga may also be useful to prepare you physically, mentally and emotionally during and after pregnancy. We recommend that pregnant women do not practise in their first trimester and to come to Pregnancy yoga classes from the second trimester.

Restorative Yoga


A relaxing and meditative style with a focus on calming the mind. Often practised to help wind down from the day, you can expect to go through fewer postures during the class with each pose held for long periods of time (10 – 15 minutes per pose is common). Props such as bolsters and blocks are used to ease deeper into relaxation. The practice encourages you to still the mind and you can expect to leave a Restorative yoga class feeling lighter, calmer and more positive.

Vinyasa Yoga


Influenced by Ashtanga postures, Vinyasa (sometimes known as Flow yoga) is one of the most popular yoga styles today. It is generally a flowing class where postures move smoothly from one to another, synchronising breath with movements. Our instructor will lead you from pose to pose energetically so you will be in for a good workout at the end. You can expect to move through a variety of postures in a Vinyasa class with no two classes being alike!

Yin Yoga


A slower paced practice focused on stretching the deep connective tissues of our bodies to release tension, in Yin yoga each pose can be held anywhere between 1 to 5 minutes. You can expect to feel deeply stretched, looser and more relaxed at the end as you work on a variety of seated and supine postures. This popular yoga form encourages you to still the mind and to notice the different sensations in the long-held, passive poses. A great practice for all needing a good stretch or those needing stress relief.

Yinyasa Yoga


A fusion of Vinyasa and Yin yoga, this hybrid style combines the active (yang) with the passive (yin) to create a well-rounded practice. Yinyasa yoga is an innovative style which fuses the longer-held passive Yin poses with the dynamic Vinyasa flow sequences; resulting in a balanced and interesting session. The powerful pairing of these two different disciplines will help strengthen the body, increase flexibility and energy flow whilst also encouraging a contemplative quality of mind.

Yoga Nidra


A practice of deep relaxation and stillness, Yoga Nidra roughly translates to “yogic sleep” and is a unique experience to encourage you to release physical, mental and emotional tension. Guided by your instructor, you will go into a sleep state while maintaining inner awareness. This practice helps to still the waves of the mind and is immensely powerful in helping to calm down the nervous system.



Our general Yoga classes are great for those looking to learn or return to their practice and is focused on the fundamentals of yoga including postures, techniques, breathing and alignment. You can expect to go through some of the most popular yoga postures in this class including sun salutations, downward dogs and warrior poses. Designed to work both your body and mind, our Yoga sessions are suitable for those who have not done any yoga before and are looking for an introduction to the practice, as well as those who are more experienced as the instructors will adapt each class to suit.




A fast-paced practice inspired by the ballet barre, this is a hybrid workout class combining ballet-inspired moves with elements of yoga, Pilates, dance and strength training. Each class incorporates the use of the barre pole as well as yoga mats to work on your core, alignment and breath. Weights and resistance bands are sometimes used during the practice as you move through a series of low impact movements to strengthen and stretch the body.



Meditation is a practice that encourages you to turn your attention inwards and to focus on the present moment, to bring about peace and calmness. When practised over time meditation can help reduce stress levels, improve focus, and leave you feeling more relaxed and positive in your daily life. Particularly useful in stilling the mind and thoughts, you may also find yourself sleeping better after the session.



A fun class to complement your yoga practice, Pilates incorporates low impact exercises to build your core strength and improve coordination. You can expect to use your whole body as you focus on improving alignment, toning up and increasing your fitness levels. Weights and resistance bands are sometimes used during Pilates to build core strength and to stretch and condition the muscles – a fantastic full body workout.

Room to breathe

Our studios are designed to ease you into a state of calm. We limit the size of our classes to no more than 18 mats
so you have your personal space to stretch with minimal distractions.

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