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How to use our meditation nook

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Get in

Enter our meditation nook and draw the curtains shut to let others know that you are using the space.

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Get comfy

Settle into a comfortable position with your back upright. Some people prefer seating cross-legged while others prefer having their legs stretched out in front of them. Go with whichever suits you!

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Get ready

Put your earphones/headphones on and log into your favourite meditation app. If you prefer a silent meditation without any guidance from an app, this is OK too.

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Enjoy the silence

Pick a 10 minute guided meditation session of your choice, or set your timer for 10 minutes if you are sitting in silence. Focus on enjoying this time that’s just for you.

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Leave feeling calm

When your session is over, slowly and gently lift yourself up. Leave the space tidy and curtains open to let others know that this space is now free for use.

A quiet place for one

Tuck into our cosy meditation nook to tune out the noise and tune in to yourself.

Despite what some people might think, you don’t need to sit staring at a tree for an hour (on some beautiful mountainside) to meditate! If you’re new to meditation, or find it difficult to sit in silence, we recommend using a guided meditation app such as Headspace, Calm or Insight Timer.

Our meditation nook is free for you to use any time you’re in our urban retreat. We’ve carefully designed this space to be cosy, comfortable and calming to ensure you can completely tune out. This is your time for yourself.

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