Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

You can find our address and Google map location here.

Our studio is open 7 days a week and classes run throughout the day. You can find our opening hours here.

Whilst we do not have our own car park, the nearest place that you can park your vehicle is either at the West Orchards car park or the Barracks car park which are both approximately 2-3 minutes’ walk from our store.


West Orchards car park: The postcode for this is CV1 1QX and you can find further information here.


Barracks car park: The postcode for this is CV1 1DD and you can find further information here.


Please ensure you are aware of the closing times of these car parks prior to visiting us.

Yes we do. We provide lockers for our customers free of charge.

We have showers for men and women at The Nook Urban Retreat. We provide body wash and shampoo, but feel free to bring your own if you prefer. We also have hairdryers free to use.

Please find our contact details here.

As we are located on the first floor with no disabled access, we unfortunately cannot accommodate people who are wheelchair-bound. We recommend that you speak to a member of staff – either via email or phone – if you have any specific access questions so that we can assist you further.


All of our classes can be booked on our website, mobile app on in store. Please note that we are unable to take bookings over the phone.


To book on our website click on the Book Now button at the top of this page. Choose your preferred yoga class and confirm your purchase. You will then be prompted to sign in to your The Nook Urban Retreat account or register if you do not have one.


To book on our mobile app please download our app (The Nook Urban Retreat). You will then need to sign in to your The Nook Urban Retreat account or register if you do not have one. Once you have signed in or registered for your account, you can then view our full class timetable and book easily.


If you need any assistance, please send us an email at

Yes, you will need to create an account with us in order to book into a class.

We accept all major credit and debit cards including Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Payments can be made online on our website, via our mobile app or in store. We are unable to process payments over the phone.


Please note we are a cashless facility and so cannot accept cash payments.

We highly recommend that you make a booking before attending to reserve your spot in our yoga class, as otherwise your preferred class might be fully booked! However if you do wish to drop in and book a class in store you are welcome to do so.

We will not be able to process any cancellations at Reception. All cancellations (early and late) can only be done online on our website or on our mobile app.


Early cancellations: Class bookings can be cancelled up to 4 hours in advance. If you paid using a Drop In pass or 10 Class Pass, your pass will be credited back to your account. Please note the expiry date on your pass/membership will remain unchanged.


Late cancellations & no shows (Drop In/10 Class Pass): Whilst we understand that cancellations are sometimes unavoidable, late cancellations and no shows prevent other students from booking places in class. Any cancellations made within 4 hours of the class start time will not be credited back to your pass or refunded.


Late cancellations & no shows (Monthly Membership/Introductory Offer): Late cancellations within 4 hours of the class start time and no shows will incur a charge of £5 per class. This will be charged to the card that your pass payment is taken from. This policy aims to make it easier for everyone to be able to attend the classes they want to.


If you have not signed in by 5 minutes before the scheduled start time of the class, your space will be freed up to allow walk-ins. This will be treated as a late cancellation/no show.


If you are on the Monthly Membership and you late cancel or no show 3 times over a month period, the option to book online or on the app will be suspended for a period of one month. You will need to book for your classes at Reception.

You can find our full schedule here.

We offer a variety of flexible pricing options. View our full pricing structure here.

Yes we do offer gift cards for The Nook Urban Retreat! You can find more information about these here. These can be purchased in store where you will receive a physical copy of the gift card, or on our website for a e-gift card to be emailed over to you. Please note that gift cards cannot be purchased over the phone or via the app.

You will never know until you try it — yoga is really easy to get into! That is why over 2 billion people in the world practice yoga. We offer a variety of styles here with a team of handpicked instructors. The best way to find out if yoga is for you is to try out a few of our classes and see what styles you enjoy best.

Yes we do! Enjoy 20 days of unlimited classes pass for £35 if you are new to The Nook Urban Retreat. Visit our pricing page for more information on our introductory offer.

Yes we do! We offer special concession rates to senior citizens (65+), NHS and Emergency Services, Coventry City Council staff and full-time students. Our concession discount offers 15% off Drop In, 5 Class Pass and 10 Class Pass; proof of identification must be provided and can only be redeemed in store. Visit our pricing page for more information.

Your class passes are non-transferrable and we reserve the right to refuse any customers whom we have reason to believe are using another person’s class pass.

We recommend that you arrive at least 10-15 minutes before your class begins. You might need some time to check yourself in using our Self Check-In app or to store things in the lockers. If you are planning on dropping in without registering for an account beforehand, it is best to arrive 20 minutes earlier to register at our Reception. If you are late we reserve the right to refuse your entry into a class as this may cause disruption.

Congratulations on your first class at The Nook Urban Retreat! Just come as you are and be sure to let the instructor know that it is your first time at the start of the class.

It is best to wear what’s comfortable to you. Some people prefer loose and stretchy clothes while others prefer something more fitted for our yoga classes.

Just yourself, really! Our yoga studios are fully furnished with all the props you will require during your class including our lovely yoga mats from Manduka, blocks, bricks, belts and bolsters. For Barre and Pilates classes we also provide resistance bands, balls and weights for your session. You are of course more than welcome to bring your own mat if you prefer. A bottle of water might also come in handy.


Our Tea Lounge serves a variety of Canton tea if you would like a post-class drink.

We recommend that pregnant women do not practise in their first trimester and that you attend classes in your second/third trimester with consent from your doctor or midwife. We offer Pregnancy Yoga classes for those who would like to practise from their second trimester onwards.

Of course! Flexibility isn’t a requirement to do yoga and in fact, most yogis start out feeling stiff and inflexible. With time and practice your body will gradually become more limber. You will be surprised at what the human body is capable of!

You must be at least 16 years old to attend our classes.

We have two studios here at The Nook Urban Retreat. Each studio can accommodate up to 18 people for a yoga or Pilates class whilst our Barre classes can accommodate up to 12 people. We strive to keep each class small and comfortable so you have space to stretch with minimal distractions.

Tea Lounge

We serve a selection of teas from Canton, a small family-owned, independent tea company who only purchase their tea leaves directly from small farmers. These farmers handpick every leaf that goes into the tea we serve and Canton pride themselves on knowing that the farmers are being treated ethically and that the tea they provide is of top-notch quality! Read more about them here.


Ethical and sustainable practices are important to us and we are proud to serve Canton’s tea here at The Nook Urban Retreat. Have a look at our Tea Lounge menu here!

Of course! We use plant-based packaging from Decent Packaging and are proud to serve our takeaway tea in their sustainable cups and lids made from plants. In fact, all the disposable cups we use in store are from these lovely people!

Our black and green teas contain caffeine whilst our herbal teas are naturally caffeine-free.

No, none of our teas contain allergens. We have a full tea menu in store that outlines the ingredients if you have a particular allergy please speak to a member of staff.


Meditation is a practice of mindfulness, to be present and aware of yourself and your surroundings. It can be guided or unguided. Meditation helps boost mental clarity, reduce stress and improve your ability to focus. Contrary to popular belief, meditation doesn’t necessarily have to be a spiritual experience. It is simply an act of being present in the moment.

Yes we do. Please have a look at our schedule for our meditation classes here. We also designed our meditation nook for if you prefer to practise on your own, find out more here.

We do not charge a fee for using our meditation nook. You are free to use them but please be mindful of others who may want to use the space as well.