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Yoga Instructor

About me

After becoming a mother and starting to lose touch with myself by tending to everyone else’s needs, yoga was my gateway to nurturing my own needs too. Juggling family life with a career and a very busy schedule meant yoga was the rare time I scheduled just for myself. Yoga gave me time and space to reflect on and reconnect with my values and priorities, and to start turning my life into the one I truly wanted to live.

I really want to spread the message about the importance of pressing pause and taking some uninterrupted time for ourselves. Without feeling selfish, guilty or undeserving. Me time shouldn’t be a rare luxury, it should be a no-negotiable part of everyday life. I really believe that when our own cup is full we have so much more to give to others.

I am trained in Hatha and Vinyasa and aim to create a nurturing, calming experience in all of my classes by incorporating not only physical postures but also a focus on the power of the breath, mindfulness exercises and indulgent relaxations to stabilise and revitalise the mind and body. I also have training in Yoga Therapy and Pregnancy Yoga, and am a fully qualified Children’s Yoga Instructor.